Thursday, June 7, 2012

colour blind

My friend Jason Aita produces music videos and sometimes I'm lucky enough to be in them. The first one I did for him was this:

Most recently, I had the pleasure of spending a 13 hr day in Rouge Park with a bunch of crazy hippies making this:

 It was the best.

the olympics collection at the bay

I recently modelled for the Bay's online magazine, B Insider. The shoot features pieces from the 2012 Olympics line... My favourite look is the beige trench paired with the gray athletics tee. Only stylists can make casual sportwear look so appealing!

See the full editorial here.


This afternoon, I decided to take a break from coding a WordPress site to practice some HTML5 & CSS3 skills I recently learned in a continuing studies course at OCAD University.

We were shown an example website that used the transition & transform CSS3 properties in an interesting and dynamic way to create sliding cubes (without any JavaScript!). I decided to recreate it from scratch myself!

It's nothing too special, but you can definitely use the basis of it to create some awesome websites. You can check it out here.