Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where the wild things are

naomi campbell shot by jean paul goude for harper's bazaar, september 2009

these photos are absolutely amazing - there's really no need for me to address that; at the same time, i'm not sure how i feel about the use of these "wild" animals.

here comes a little rant...

sometimes i wish us humans would mind our own business. i mean, would you really ever approach an elephant if you've never seen one before or it didn't have silly connotations like the circus? look at the thing - they're freaky looking! these photos make these amazing animals seem harmless, which they really aren't. we often hear stories in the news about "tame" zoo animals or trained lions in magic shows attacking their "owners" and it's always the animals that get hell for it. they didn't ask to be on stage or behind windows.

this brings me to a conversation i was having with my mom this morning that was triggered by the talk show "the view." my favourite host is joy because she isn't afraid to speak her opinion. today's episode was about women's health. i can't quite recall exactly what was being discussed, but it was along the lines of things you can do to prevent and ultimately cure a particular heart disease. joy's response was "well if we keep finding these cures, what the hell are we ever gonna die from?! i don't wanna live forever!" (not a direct quote, but you get the gist.) i agree. we aren't invincible! why can't we just come to terms with the fact that disease and illness always has been a normal part of the lives of every specie on the planet?!

us humans need to tone it down and deflate our egos a little. we can't succeed at everything.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

skinny bitch

so, i've discovered this site that i'm completely obsessed with:

i check it religiously. some of the photos are so inspiring, not to mention the girls are beautiful. you can find a lot of mko and cory kennedy photos up there, to name a few.

yesterday i found this photo on it and literally stared at it for ten minutes before realizing i had to go catch the bus. anybody know who she is or what this photo is from? love love love it.

the september issue

let's just clarify this: no, i'm not referring to the doc that's coming out (august in nyc, october in hoo) about anna wintour and the making of the 840 paged september 2007 issue of american vogue. (take a look at sienna miller on the cover of it. now look at her on the cover of august 2009 nylon. i think she's getting younger rather than older.) i'm talking about the september issue of flare, which i am really into!

besides the fabulous editorials that grace its pages, there are two photos of which i was on set for. i was pleasantly surprised to see the photograph of thunderheist that was chosen from a variety of photos shot way back in... let's see... february!

isis & grahm
photo by norman wong

this next photo is from the greta constantine shoot. i like how it's slightly de-saturated. i think the true red of the flag would've been blinding. not only that, it makes the flag a little more appealing.

laura kell, kirk pickersgill, nicole jedrzejko, stephen wong, & andrea pearl
photo by max abadian


okay, so remember the "crying model"? you know, auguste abeliunaite in the jil sander fall 09 show? i forgot about that incident until now and decided to investigate further as to why she was crying to begin with.

hoping it was due to crazy cat fights or model drama backstage, i was disappointed to learn that - despite rumours of uncomfortable shoes - it was because the lights were too strong for her eyes.

wah, wah.


"not a lot of stuff looks good."

a few fridays ago, i spent my night at upc in yorkville for an event called Show|OFF.

the event showcased eight photos directed by different stylists and photographed by different photographers. the catch was the same shredded thomas tee had to be used in each photo.

some photos turned out to be more "fashion editorial", while other photographers went for the more graphic and abstract feel by taking close up photos of the shirt or only photographing the model's body.

stylists included friends hannah sider, fiona green, petra collins and richard autio, to name a few, who all created unique and inspiring images for this event.

the night was fun, the drinks were flowing, and the boutique was packed. check out more here!

ps: keep your eyes peeled for a thomas shirt to be found in an upcoming issue of zink magazine!