Thursday, August 13, 2009

the september issue

let's just clarify this: no, i'm not referring to the doc that's coming out (august in nyc, october in hoo) about anna wintour and the making of the 840 paged september 2007 issue of american vogue. (take a look at sienna miller on the cover of it. now look at her on the cover of august 2009 nylon. i think she's getting younger rather than older.) i'm talking about the september issue of flare, which i am really into!

besides the fabulous editorials that grace its pages, there are two photos of which i was on set for. i was pleasantly surprised to see the photograph of thunderheist that was chosen from a variety of photos shot way back in... let's see... february!

isis & grahm
photo by norman wong

this next photo is from the greta constantine shoot. i like how it's slightly de-saturated. i think the true red of the flag would've been blinding. not only that, it makes the flag a little more appealing.

laura kell, kirk pickersgill, nicole jedrzejko, stephen wong, & andrea pearl
photo by max abadian

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