Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

life is a myyysterrry

flakes by mystery jets
this song is one i never thought that i'd play
but if you want me gone, there are kinder ways to say
so long than spitting in my face

they don't teach these things in school
they just lay down the rules
which are there for you to break
which are there for you to break

if i'm wrong, then dust me off and put me in my place
but drop a bomb, shall you blow me away without even a trace?
i'll be gone and i won't give chase

'cause when you're in pieces, you pick up the bits
and nothing fits, and the wind blows you away
oh, the wind blows you away

i pray there will come a time when i think of you and i smile
these days everything seems to last only a while
remember the names for the day when we'd have a child

but the trouble with dreams, they're not what they seem
'cause when you awake, they fall through your fingers in flakes
they fall through your fingers in flakes

qui êtes-vous, polly maggoo?

i found myself nested on a vintage sofa in a candlelit room in front of a small macbook screen last night, watching a very unusual film. the black and white contrasted shots circa 1966 made it classic; the french dialogue with english subtitles made it romantic; the abstract editing and seemingly absurd storyline made it artistic. this film wasn't anything we had expected, but it impressed us more so than the film we thought it would be. imagine a mod, fashion-based movie about a model where at any point in the movie, you could pause it and the frozen image looks as though it should be a photograph, an interestingly composed image. the storyline, though confusing at times, was strangely entertaining. 

what i found to be most interesting was how the filmmakers analyzed the movement of fashion in the 60's throughout this film, though it was made in the 60's. it seemed like this movie could have been made recently to be a historical look back on mod fashions. i watched it with this in mind and found myself even more involved in the movie, comparing the world's thoughts on fashions then with what we know to believe now.

watch this film with an open mind and an appreciation for unconventionality.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

back 2 cool

so, it's back to school for me and so far, so great. with friends moving into new places, the end of summer and the beginning of assignments, there's no shortage of things to do. this week has been more than amazing for me, mainly because two of my best friends have come back into my life. 

there are also a bunch of events and afterparties popping up everywhere, thanks to TIFF. the main attraction for me would be the samantha ronson/lindsay lohan party at ultra, but that's the night before lovefest with benji madden and paris hilton that i'll have guestlist and v.i.p. for, so it's probably not the smartest idea to be partying with lindsay lohan the night before. oh, it's ever so tempting, though. we'll see what happens with that.

i could go on about upcoming events, but the thing that i'm most excited for is helping to paint rachael's new place and having a housewarming party there. i'm thinking a nice pasta dish with salad and wine (of course).

la la la time for class.