Thursday, April 23, 2009

art bitch

my art is called egocentric soft porno, or maybe it's just narcissism. my one and only subject goes from something like anything but me-ism. wouldn't it be easier for beardsley? he could drop the paintings and photograph his penis or take pics of the chicks - yeah, you know what i mean. wouldn't it be better for escher? he could drop the math and make it happen on his mattress. two girls and a cam, three girls and a cam; put a dog there and you got polaroid scam.

i ain't no artist; i am an art bitch. i sell my paintings to the men i eat. i have no portfolio and i only show where there's free alcohol.

i am so hardcore. i sell my crap and people ask for more. call me revolutionaire; i poo on a plate and get it published on visionaire. what i do, it's called art shit and don't you dare make fun of me cuz everything i do was featured on the pages of i-D.

lick lick lick my art tit. lick lick lick my art tit.
suck suck suck my art hole. suck suck suck my art hole.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

gareth pugh

Gareth Pugh from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

this is gareth pugh's fw09 collection. rather than having a runway show like all other designers, this video was made in collaboration with ruth hogben and shown at paris fashion week this year. sooo great.

tonight, tonight

Friday, April 3, 2009

greetings from the fashion lounge!

i am the only one here. it's really peaceful. and i can hear the rain on the windows. and i'm getting lots of marketing done.

i love productive days.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

what women want

so, i just got home from dessinee gallery at yonge and eglinton for the opening night of "what women want."

we were there to support geoffrey knott, but it also featured other photographers works. the show is summarized as follows:
"Based on a provocative editorial by Daniel Bergner, What Women Want is an equally provocative visual ode to the split female psyche: the narcissistic object of another's desires and the subjective, lustful protagonist who seeks out her own wants and pleasures."
it was a very lovely evening and the free wine and cheese made it complete. if anybody has time, go check it out. it's on at the dessinee gallery (2470 yonge street) until may 11th.

last thursday

sauvignon blanc
russian red
wrong directions
sushi soda
attic antics
smooth operators
ladies' room meetings
broken promises
after parties (?)

what other djs have made decent mixes of radiohead and of montreal? like really. i'm obsessed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

daft punk & lsd

so, my fashion photography professor wants to discuss me being a fashion photographer after my next class. coooool. i don't think i want to, but i'll listen to what he has to say.

some recent [silly] adobe illustrator endeavours of mine...