Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you heard it here first

this school year, i vow to keep on top of my hwrk at all costs & i will refrain from partying every night like i have been for the past four months. (keyword: "every")

and in times of procrastination, i will still be productive! example:

mac overflow lab, between thumbnail sketches

oh, and this is what we did in digital illustration class today. they're emo kids. my rendering of the human form is improving, can't you tell??


dsquared2 at ryerson with jeanne beker

dean and dan of dsquared2 are surely as talented as they are the cutest duo of gay twin brothers to walk the earth, but they didn't have any original advice to give to us fashion students upon their trip to toronto. on one hand, i was disappointed to hear the same old "follow your dreams", "don't give up" words of encouragement, but now that i reflect on it, maybe it's a good thing that they gave this banal advice. think of it this way: if everyone is giving the same advice, that can only mean one thing: it works.

"aim for the stars and you can fall in the clouds."
- dsquared2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dsquared2 is coming to town

so it's my first day back to school - nothing too exciting, but i will note this: dsquared2 is coming to ryerson this friday!

dean and dan caten are holding an exclusive ryerson school of fashion q&a period moderated by jeanne beker. i made sure to grab a ticket (limited seats). i'd like to brew up a good question or two for them... i'll have my creative thinking cap on until then.

note to fashion students: lorna lewis is the coolest (no sarcasm). she was wearing high waisted, tapered camel-coloured pants and a long sleeved white lace top today. red lipstick of course. but more than anything, go check out her hair. only she could rock long white roots and honey brown tips. one of us should start a lorna style blog.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the politics of lipstick

so i'm leaving work last night and walking along yonge street when i notice a homeless man sitting by the hard rock cafe with a tim horton's cup. i gave him a little smile because i feel like that's the best i can do without opening my wallet (and oftentimes i'm thanked for smiling), but instead of a "thanks for smiling," i get a "teen hooker." (!!!)

let me first tell you what i was wearing: a plain grey t-shirt (6 for $10 in china town), a beige plaid shirt ($5 at value village), ripped black cheap mondays (gift) and old brown suede fringe sandals.

i'm sorry, but "teen hooker"?! i would understand if he had mistaken me for a fellow hobo friend, but c'mon!

and then i realized. it was the russian red mac lipstick. i'm certain that if i had naked lips, i wouldn't have been verbally abused by this homeless bully. but since when does wearing lipstick make you a hooker? i can see the connotations that lipstick may have, and yes there are sexual ones, however does that make every woman a prostitute if they put a little make-up on? 99% of the population of people who wear lipstick are not hookers.

i don't know how i could've made the ensemble i was wearing any less slutty or revealing or suggestive. it really is beyond me.

now if i ever do resemble anything along the lines of a teen hooker, please do tell, but until then all i have to say is: fuck you, homeless man.