Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dsquared2 is coming to town

so it's my first day back to school - nothing too exciting, but i will note this: dsquared2 is coming to ryerson this friday!

dean and dan caten are holding an exclusive ryerson school of fashion q&a period moderated by jeanne beker. i made sure to grab a ticket (limited seats). i'd like to brew up a good question or two for them... i'll have my creative thinking cap on until then.

note to fashion students: lorna lewis is the coolest (no sarcasm). she was wearing high waisted, tapered camel-coloured pants and a long sleeved white lace top today. red lipstick of course. but more than anything, go check out her hair. only she could rock long white roots and honey brown tips. one of us should start a lorna style blog.

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