Friday, June 19, 2009

internship numero deux

so it is official; i will be interning at c2 apparel.

it was worth the long confusing trek to get to the awkwardly located showroom. the two employees that i met were really nice and i really liked the showroom itself, with white walls, exposed metal pipes and ventilation on the ceiling, and cement floors.

a flyer for a past sample sale

i look forward to meeting new people, exploring the hidden world of clothing agencies and distributors, and (of course) getting first dibs on sample sales! i start the first week of july, so i will be giving another update on c2 after i have my first shift there!


a few days ago, a couple friends and i went to whippersnapper gallery at college and clinton to check out my friend's boyfriend's artwork that is currently being shown there. the opening night was really fun, with a bar and a dj. 

her boyfriend's name is gordon auld and his illustrations were amazing! there are a number of other artists showing there, as well, so if you want to go check out emerging artists' work, whippersnapper gallery is a great place to stop by. his art will be there until june 30th and the gallery hours are 1 to 8pm.

some of gord's art

passion pit

so last tuesday, passion pit, a band from massachusetts, was in toronto to play a show at the mod club with harlem shakes. unfortunately i missed out on it because it sold out, but i ended up checking out the after party at the beaver where i met some band members from both bands, as well as other people on tour with them. after the beaver, we took them to bellwoods. they were all so nice and are coming back august 11th to play at the phoenix. i suggest you check out their music, pick up a ticket, and put your dancing shoes on!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

see too

as i have recently learned, a lot of people aren't aware of clothing agencies.

these types of agencies represent brands or designers and distribute their merchandise and samples to other clients. through flare, i've become very familiar with agencies around the toronto area - one of which i hold a special liking to: c2 apparel.

c2 apparel represents a number of brands including cheap monday, rodebjer, fifth avenue shoe repair, ksubi, and velour, to name a few. c2 sends us requested samples that are potentially used in the magazine.

at the clothing show this year, i scored an april 77 boyfriend blazer for only $20 at their booth. i spoke and kept in touch with the representatives there and have managed to score an interview this week for a possible internship with c2 apparel. wahoo!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

seatbelts, everyone

as soon as the stereo went on and the sweet melodies of daft punk floated to my ears, i knew the greta constantine shoot would be great.

it was for a canadian designers story in the september issue of flare. the models - laura k (next), nicole (spot 6) and andrea pearl (ford) - were so sweet and fun on set.

nicole with coco rocha (marilyn) (seen here wearing greta constantine) at LG fashion week

andrea (in greta constantine) as seen in [dress to] kill magazine

the designers of greta constantine, stephen and kirk, were also really nice. i learned that the name "greta constantine" is made up of stephen's mom's name and kirk's grandfather's name. cutesie!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh, happy day!

tomorrow's going to be great. i have just been informed that i'm needed on set of a greta constantine flare shoot tomorrow. i have to admit that i don't know too much about greta constantine. i know that it's designed by two guys and that their last show was held at circa. but that's the extent of my knowledge. i'm going to investigate and educate right now and maybe i'll find some cool facts to share in my next post. 

anyway, it's only a half day shoot so i'll be done around 12 or 1 and then i plan on spending the rest of the day biking around the city! wahoo!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


i both love and hate fashion. 

i was browsing the 2008 fashion issue of vice magazine that i found in the break room at urban outfitters today and came across two articles, side by side. one was titled i love fashion and one was titled i hate fashion.

photo by ryan mcginley

i happened to read the "i hate fashion" article first. the author, tracie egan, complained about her sore, blistered high-heel-wearing feet and talked about getting rejected from the club "happy valley" just after it got redecorated by jeremy scott. my favourite quote from the article is 

"frankly, i don't trust people with empty-stomach breath to tell me what taste is."

touche. but she also goes on to talk about how she still likes to wear heels. despite her hate for fashion, she still likes it to the extent that she will endure the pain the comes with it.

next, i read "i love fashion." i was expecting a little more from this article, written by christopher bollen. he didn't really talk about why he loves fashion, but he more so defended it from fashion-haters. he acknowledged many times that it has it's "dark edges" and downsides, but didn't give a concrete reason for loving it. the closest he got was saying 

"... the upside is that it still can be an individual play of decisions."

it was after reading these articles that i felt more confident in my position of both loving and hating fashion. who says answers have to be black or white? even these people who claim to be bias admit that they are really undecided. fashion is weird. i think that's the best way to sum it up. enough of this love/hate business.


a little update on the event at upc boutique on thursday...

i'm pretty sure everyone there was drunk and it was hilarious, the pinot grigio was pink (?) and the hors d'oeuvres were tasty. mikey and drew's new line was the hit of the night. the owner of the store was wearing a tank by them and a stylist by the name of marek requested a shredded jumpsuit to style editorials for shoots in milan and elsewhere in europe! 

my thomas shirt

their line is called thomas. their shirts are selling for $120 a piece. they are all one of a kind. they have both tanks and short sleeved tops. i am a proud owner of a thomas shredded tee and i think you all should go check their pieces out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shredded t's + boys in threes

so summer has been so busy thus far. i feel like i've been going non-stop, but that's not to say i'm complaining about it! right now i'm sitting in my room preparing myself for the long day i have ahead of me tomorrow, part of which includes going to an event at upc boutique in yorkville...

my friends mikey and drew have started making awesome "shredded" t-shirts that they will be selling at the boutique and they asked me if i wanted to model for their lookbook (oh shucks). so that's how we got invited to this event tomorrow. i don't have a clue what it's about, but i agreed to going after i heard the words "open bar".

i'll be sporting a cropped shredded tee tomorrow and i'll try to snap some photos to share with you! oh and i feel the need to post this photo that i stole from mikey's facebook page...

i want one! ah fuck it, i want all three!