Sunday, June 7, 2009


i both love and hate fashion. 

i was browsing the 2008 fashion issue of vice magazine that i found in the break room at urban outfitters today and came across two articles, side by side. one was titled i love fashion and one was titled i hate fashion.

photo by ryan mcginley

i happened to read the "i hate fashion" article first. the author, tracie egan, complained about her sore, blistered high-heel-wearing feet and talked about getting rejected from the club "happy valley" just after it got redecorated by jeremy scott. my favourite quote from the article is 

"frankly, i don't trust people with empty-stomach breath to tell me what taste is."

touche. but she also goes on to talk about how she still likes to wear heels. despite her hate for fashion, she still likes it to the extent that she will endure the pain the comes with it.

next, i read "i love fashion." i was expecting a little more from this article, written by christopher bollen. he didn't really talk about why he loves fashion, but he more so defended it from fashion-haters. he acknowledged many times that it has it's "dark edges" and downsides, but didn't give a concrete reason for loving it. the closest he got was saying 

"... the upside is that it still can be an individual play of decisions."

it was after reading these articles that i felt more confident in my position of both loving and hating fashion. who says answers have to be black or white? even these people who claim to be bias admit that they are really undecided. fashion is weird. i think that's the best way to sum it up. enough of this love/hate business.

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