Thursday, April 23, 2009

art bitch

my art is called egocentric soft porno, or maybe it's just narcissism. my one and only subject goes from something like anything but me-ism. wouldn't it be easier for beardsley? he could drop the paintings and photograph his penis or take pics of the chicks - yeah, you know what i mean. wouldn't it be better for escher? he could drop the math and make it happen on his mattress. two girls and a cam, three girls and a cam; put a dog there and you got polaroid scam.

i ain't no artist; i am an art bitch. i sell my paintings to the men i eat. i have no portfolio and i only show where there's free alcohol.

i am so hardcore. i sell my crap and people ask for more. call me revolutionaire; i poo on a plate and get it published on visionaire. what i do, it's called art shit and don't you dare make fun of me cuz everything i do was featured on the pages of i-D.

lick lick lick my art tit. lick lick lick my art tit.
suck suck suck my art hole. suck suck suck my art hole.

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