Thursday, September 4, 2008

back 2 cool

so, it's back to school for me and so far, so great. with friends moving into new places, the end of summer and the beginning of assignments, there's no shortage of things to do. this week has been more than amazing for me, mainly because two of my best friends have come back into my life. 

there are also a bunch of events and afterparties popping up everywhere, thanks to TIFF. the main attraction for me would be the samantha ronson/lindsay lohan party at ultra, but that's the night before lovefest with benji madden and paris hilton that i'll have guestlist and v.i.p. for, so it's probably not the smartest idea to be partying with lindsay lohan the night before. oh, it's ever so tempting, though. we'll see what happens with that.

i could go on about upcoming events, but the thing that i'm most excited for is helping to paint rachael's new place and having a housewarming party there. i'm thinking a nice pasta dish with salad and wine (of course).

la la la time for class.

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