Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where the wild things are

naomi campbell shot by jean paul goude for harper's bazaar, september 2009

these photos are absolutely amazing - there's really no need for me to address that; at the same time, i'm not sure how i feel about the use of these "wild" animals.

here comes a little rant...

sometimes i wish us humans would mind our own business. i mean, would you really ever approach an elephant if you've never seen one before or it didn't have silly connotations like the circus? look at the thing - they're freaky looking! these photos make these amazing animals seem harmless, which they really aren't. we often hear stories in the news about "tame" zoo animals or trained lions in magic shows attacking their "owners" and it's always the animals that get hell for it. they didn't ask to be on stage or behind windows.

this brings me to a conversation i was having with my mom this morning that was triggered by the talk show "the view." my favourite host is joy because she isn't afraid to speak her opinion. today's episode was about women's health. i can't quite recall exactly what was being discussed, but it was along the lines of things you can do to prevent and ultimately cure a particular heart disease. joy's response was "well if we keep finding these cures, what the hell are we ever gonna die from?! i don't wanna live forever!" (not a direct quote, but you get the gist.) i agree. we aren't invincible! why can't we just come to terms with the fact that disease and illness always has been a normal part of the lives of every specie on the planet?!

us humans need to tone it down and deflate our egos a little. we can't succeed at everything.

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