Sunday, January 11, 2009

beautiful dirty rich

okay, so people have been telling me to update this bad boy; it's been a while since i've posted, but so much has been going on with me, it was the last thing on my mind! semester two has begun and i've already received a project...

we are given a choice of four articles to choose from and have to make an editorial spread for one of them. 3 rough 6 page spreads are due in week 2, so i've reserved today to create them. i'm spending a little more time on them than expected, but i'm learning photoshop and indesign tricks and techniques along the way.

this one's my fave so far...

on another note, i'm kind of obsessed with the song beautiful dirty rich by lady gaga. okay first of all, let's address her name. i've always hated it, but recently found out how she came up with it; her dad would call her "gaga" when she was little because she'd go ga-ga or be really silly or something... still doesn't make it any less lame. anyway, i love all her videos because if you pause them at any given moment, the screen shot could be a fashion photo. the colours, contrast and clothing are wonderful.

anyway, i've gotta go back to finishing up the magazine spreads ♥

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