Saturday, May 16, 2009

i have a dream

well, it's more like i'm setting a big goal for myself. a "biggie g", one might say. or not...

by this time next year, i aim to be in new york city, interning at nylon magazine for the summer. i of course have to save up a lot of money, and trust me that will be a challenge in and of itself. secondly i have to get a visa, which i hear takes a long time to do. also, i'm not sure, but i think to get a visa, you have to have a job waiting for you...? i would need a part-time job of some sort besides nylon because that would be unpaid. i'm thinking of trying to transfer to an urban outfitters in new york. if you're reading this and happen to know anything about visas or working in the states, let me know please! i also need to find living arrangements, though i do have some people i would consider calling up to help me out.

if this doesn't work for next year (despite the effort i will make this year), i'll try for summer 2011. if you know anybody in new york who wants to rent out their closet for me to live in, let me know!

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