Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dirty deeds

photo: leigh farrell
model: damien kim at elmer olsen
hair: blake arsenault for west salon & spa

this is an editorial i made for my topics and issues in design class. this is how i interpreted the words "play with colour."

NPF 558 - Issues in Design
Project #1 - Play With Colour

"Dirty Deeds" by Leigh Farrell

By taking the words "play" and "colour," and applying them to my favourite hobby (fashion photography), I have come up with an eerie, yet humorous editorial spread.

I looked at the idea of "play" as role-play, which is often thought of in a sexual way. I steered away from the sexual connotations and was looking for ways to juxtapose roles in a thought-provoking way. Through this train of thought came the concept of switching stereotypical roles in society, such as the role of a husband and wife. Women have typically taken on the role of homemaker throughout the years; cooking and cleaning being two primary duties for the housewife.

After sifting through these thoughts, I decided on photographing a man cooking pancakes in the kitchen - a task that one would normally imagine a woman doing.

My personal photography style lacks a lot of colour for the most part, so I toyed with colour in a selective way. I enhanced the primary colours red, yellow and blue in each image, which happen to be the focus of the images, as well. In the spreads, you will find the pancake, syrup, margarine, flour, broom and dustpan stand out from the rest of the images.

Overall, the editorial is arranged to tell a story and bring the viewer full circle, beginning with a pancake, showing the process of it being created and ending with it being eaten.

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