Tuesday, March 16, 2010

interaction or virtual reality

model: maude greisman
photo, h&mu, styling, illustration: leigh farrell

process work
unedited photos


NPF 558 - Issues in Design
Project #3 – Interaction or Virtual Reality

By Leigh Farrell

To me, interaction and virtual reality come hand in hand. Virtual reality always involves an interaction of some sort between what we know to be real and what is perceived to us as being virtual.

Upon looking at this phrase, I began thinking of mixing multiple medias to create a sense of virtual reality. The reality part would come from a photograph, as photography is one of my strongest assets, and the virtual aspects would be done in post on the computer.

I carried out a photoshoot of my friend Maude Greisman in her home, who has modeled in the past.

My first idea for adding a virtual aspect to the photos was to superimpose them on each other to create movement. Instead I thought of adding illustrational elements to them. In the end, I decided on birds and butterflies.

I used an application on the website www.mrdoob.com called “Harmony” that has sketchy brush options. I then saved the image and continued editing in Adobe Photoshop, which is also how I added the illustrations to the photographs.

To keep with the natural element of the illustrations, I chose to use photos that were lit with natural light to make the images appear softer and more romantic.

In the end, this series of photos shows the virtual reality of the girl’s imagination. The illustrations are seen to be a figment of her mind, as they interact with her, yet are still seen as not being real.

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