Tuesday, June 8, 2010

is that you, viv?

so, the coolest older woman came into TNT today. she reminded me of a younger, prettier vivienne westwood with her fiery hair. she's one of those rare people you come across and think to yourself, "i wanna be just like her when i'm that age." though she may not have been wearing plaid or listening to the sex pistols a-la-westwood, her hair combined with her cream coloured floor-length skirt and matching oversized sweater, floral scarf and cat-eye glasses made for an equally stylish ensemble. i wish i snapped a picture.

after helping her stock up on line sweaters and - get this - hanky pankies (!), i couldn't help but ask her what she did for a living. she told me she is a shoe designer! she beads and dyes shoes for celebration in yorkville. she also went on to enlighten me about an amazing clothing line from the UK called all saints. so good! how is this woman so hip with the times?! she also just got back from china.

so to conclude, i want to be her.

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