Saturday, August 9, 2008

everything in it's right place...

i just got back from montreal yesterday evening. we were only there for two nights, but it was such a blast, though extremely exhausting... here's a bit of a recap.

the ride there was a bit of a mission in itself. we rented a toyota matrix which has five seats and a tiny trunk. there were six of us, one being in the trunk. anddd we just so happened to be speeding and got pulled over by the cops. thank the fucking lord, the cop didn't even notice the person in the back! he was plain as day but the cop just didn't even see him. it was so lucky, because who knows what we would've done if we were caught.

we arrived in montreal around 6:30/7pm and dropped off our belongings at "hotel eureka" which was more like a hostel thanks to the shared "douche" and "toilette." we threw our stuff down and left for radiohead, who was playing in parc jean-drapeau on ile. st. helene. it took us a good hour and a half or so to walk there (a 40 minute walk over the bridge alone) and ran threw the park literally to get there just in time to hear thom yorke's first word of the song 15 steps. a few words to sum up the show: rainy, muddy, fireworks (there was a fireworks competition in all the big cities across canada), loud french men, amazing music, marijuana, oh and did i mention an estimated 35000 people? yeah. it looked like some sort of music festival.

after the show we went to a sweet bar on saint laurent called korova. it reminded me of a mix between last temptation and the social. the people i was with happened to run into a few people they met in montreal when they went in may, including the dj. we ended up requesting some new order and david bowie. it was pretty empty, considering it was a wednesday night, but we shook our tailfeathers despite that.

thursday was our one full day in montreal and was more or less one giant mission. we walked the whole day. first to a restaurant called dustys for brunch, then along saint laurent for some vintage shopping, then to saint catherine to visit urban outfitters (haha), then to a statue which we defaced with electrical tape, and then to the base of what we like to call justice mountain thanks to the justice cross that graces the summit to meet our friends who were hammed at 6pm. being jealous, of course, we went back to the hotel and drank a few beers, ourselves, then met the rest of our crew at the best poutine place ever. that night we went to saphir which is a bar/club quite similar to the social, but in my opinion, better, because there are two floors and each play different music. we were on the second floor, which played electro. everyone was dancing sooo hard, it was one giant party. the dj's were so live and just pumping everyone up.

on our last day we had some tasty crepes for breakfast, then hopped in the car for a hungover ride back to the homeland. i wish we could've stayed longer.


  1. hey ! that was me playing new order and david bowie for you at korova
    i remember that night

  2. haha i JUST read this now. nice blog jesse! hahaha