Saturday, February 14, 2009

caged animal

so the other day at FLARE was amazing. we got in a ton of designer pieces and looks from louis vuitton to yves saint laurent. i happened to have my camera on me and we snapped a few photos...



how amazing are these ysl pieces?! the cage boots pretty much complete me and this tear drop number is so unusually constructed (two places to put your arms...?!), yet somehow so classy. i'm sold. and those are just two of the many designer pieces we got in that day. oh and did i mention we decorated a board room for a baby shower? i won't get too into that...

on another note... new york in two days! i cannot wait. we're helping out with one show so far... sodaliscious. it's a very theatrical line of dresses and gowns. we've also e-mailed plenty of other designers and the mercedes-benz fashion week volunteer contact to see if we can get any other volunteer placements. because it was such a last minute decision to go to ny, we're not counting on it, but we'll see! 

see you in new york...

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