Sunday, February 8, 2009


so on friday, i was on set of my second FLARE photo shoot...

the day before, i was in the FLARE offices and my boss asked if i was available to go on set of an entertainment shoot the next day. i was looking forward to my day off, but figured it would be a good experience to go on set again. when i asked her the details, she said "it's for some band or something... thunderheist?" hahaha little did she know that more often than not, i run into isis at the social and have enlightening [intoxicated] conversations with her.

so there i was, the next day, at tryst nightclub on peter street at noon unpacking the garment trunk and sorting shoes and jewelry on the bar. it's so surreal, being at a club in the daylight. it was actually a gorgeous place, it's a shame it's in the clubbing district... i felt like a zombie the entire day after celebrating liam's 20th and going to ourspace for the virgins' afterparty the night before [that morning].

there happened to be someone filling up pitchers behind the bar and setting them on a table for us. we all looked at each other wondering [hoping] that they were, well, spiked? 

"ummm is that... guiness?" 
"somebody smell it!" 
"no... it's just coke." 

i guess being on set at a club got our hopes up?

grahm & isis of thunderheist

isis was fierce and energetic in front of the camera and looked smokin' in buddhist punk, pink cobra, ksubi and french connection ensembles. grahm has a certain power in his stance in front of the camera. together they form an amazing duo, thunderheist, that you all should check out. not only are they great musicians, but they're friendly, fun people.

my body still aches from carrying the trunk to and from set.

ps: pick up FLARE's March 2009 issue and flip to page 66 ("spring's greatest hits") to see photos from the last beauty shoot i was on!

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