Saturday, November 7, 2009

flare 30th anniversary gala

outside of the ROM - prepping for the flare gala

this past thursday, FLARE had their 30th anniversary gala at the royal ontario museum. i volunteered to work the door and check-in tables, but i made sure to sneak off a few times to grab a few hors d'oeuvres, take a few pictures, and scope out the crowd. mingling was out of the question; first impressions are important and i wasn't about to give myself a bad name in canada's fashion industry by meeting people in a joe fresh volunteer uniform.

the venue was amazing. i'm a huge fan of museums and i'm a huge fan of parties. need i say more? there's really nothing like partying beside a dinosaur...

all the volunteers

jonathan and i in the flare photobooth!

just hanging out with the dinos

michelle and i ruining a nice photo of the ROM

myself, jonathan & michelle

nice shoes

some lovely check-in girls

gift bag distribution

the hard-to-balance mannequins

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