Thursday, February 18, 2010

cobrasnake fashion week

it's like second nature for most of us to visit to look at the latest runway shows, but from time to time it can get a bit tedious looking at model after model on a runway and clicking the "click to skip this ad" button every ten images.

today i found myself paroozing the cobrasnake website to find that mark goes to many of the big shows in new york fashion week. being an event photographer, he captures the event as a whole as opposed to just the runway looks. i see it as the photography version of the tv show RAW, except far more quirky. plus he goes to the after parties, so it's fun to see people going from being sober at the fashion show to drunk and putting dollar billz in strippers' thongs at the club...

lurk for yourself!
photo of marc by marc jacobs fall 2010 via

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