Thursday, February 18, 2010

rodarte fall 2010

i've never been crazy for rodarte, but i can definitely appreciate good design when i see it. the mulleavy sisters never fail to impress and create unique, stand-out collections amongst other designers. i just finished watching their latest show on
it was refreshing to see an abundance of beige, white and floral prints in a sea of dark fall 2010 collections. i'm really into the crocheted pieces and the haunting sheer fabrics used, but most of all i fell in love with the brightest piece of all in their collection (believe it or not!) - the skirt in the first look. the only other time i saw this print in the show was on some shoulder detail for a blouse.
i suggest you check out their show online if you haven't already seen it. they interview the sisters at the end and it's quite interesting to hear about how they were inspired by border towns.
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