Thursday, August 5, 2010

new york 2010

thursday, august 5

   like, get your hands off my panties and shoes, border police, and let's get a move on!

   i need to stop cracking jokes at customs.

   the man behind me won't stop burping. also, self-taught learner is the soundtrack to my bus ride.

- happy birthday, joey!
- ran into a man at kenmare who lives in my same neighbourhood and went to my junior high and high school?!

friday, august 6

- accidentally found ourselves at the alex wang sample sale in soho! my newest wardrobe edition?

- free yacht show at the south seaport
- terrace pre-drinks at the waldorf astoria
- dancing machines at lit lounge
- 99 cent pizza slices?!

saturday, august 7

- fifth avenue
- the jane
- le bain at the standard hotel
photos by oliver zahm via purple diary, taken at le bain at the standard hotel august 7, 2010
- oliver zahm
- 99 cent pizza... again
- sunrise bedtime

sunday, august 8

- lots-o-bagels
- free chairlift and the xx show at central park!
- missed the cut copy show due to hangover, but found this video on

- spaghetti-os

monday, august 9

- slept in... finally!
- barney's and bergdorf's with marko
- first street vendor falafel
- played housewife... my world renowned pasta for erin!

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