Monday, September 6, 2010


so, it's been a while, but here i am!

i never did finish that new york blog post... basically i can sum up my trip by saying it was amazing, exhausting, and enlightening and i can't wait to move there next summer! and i love coney island! and $3.99 bottles of wine!

anyway, i quit my job early because i decided my summer was very sub-par and it needed a serious overhaul. i must say, my trips to nyc and to georgian bay definitely turned the summer around. alas, here i am doing my annual back2skewl post. all good things come to an end, i suppose.

i'm sure as hell not excited to go back, but thankfully it's my last year. here are a few things that get me (and hopefully will help you) get into the back2skewl spirit:

  • first and most importantly: fall fashions! there's nothing quite like burying yourself in layer upon layer of heavy knits and cozy things. if you work it out properly, you can feel like you've never gotten out of bed! not to mention, thick scarves provide great neck support if you're like me and doze off on the morning commute. plus, summer fashions suck - i don't care what you say.
  • tim horton's half coffee/half hot chocolate! if you're a ryerson student like me, you don't have much of a coffee choice around campus. i've learned to love timmy's and so should you. plus, isn't roll up the rim coming up soon?
  • and if you're really grasping at straws as to why you should be happy to go back (as i am, right now), know that thanksgiving's just around the corner.
ooh, baby! gimme summa dat!

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