Tuesday, November 4, 2008

flare fashion room, leigh speaking.

so my first day at flare is finally over. 

contrary to what i had gone in expecting, things were pretty slow today, however most other days, there is never an end to what needs to be done. shipping, receiving, packaging, labeling, organizing everything from lookbooks and past issues to hangers and boxes, answering calls, signing letters... and there's much more to learn in the weeks to come. to be honest, watching the hills can give you a fairly good interpretation of how the fashion room works and looks (like a closet). my new little hideout that i'll be inhabiting twice a week. hopefully things will be a little bit more busy on friday so that i can start getting practice to get the hang of things.

on another note, i just watched this short video from style.com featuring manolo blahnik. he's so cute! the newest video is also worth watching, featuring coco rocha and jpg at a fitting and rehearsal.

ps: congrats to fiona for getting the assistant fashion editor position! amazing!

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