Sunday, November 23, 2008

surprise, surprise

so, working at flare, you'd expect to be surrounded by expensive designer pieces, right? well, the other day, i picked up an amazing pair of black chunky strappy heels expecting them to be marni or something. but, no - aldo. that same day, i did the same with h&m shoes and clothes and cheap monday/rodebjer pieces.

i guess what i'm trying to say is keep your eyes peeled for next season's shoes and clothing at places like h&m, zara and aldo. eek!

on another note, i am becoming obsessed with fringe! for those of you who follow, you'll notice that the cover story is shredded bliss right now. 

so many designers from alberta ferretti to jill sander are trying out this look. fringe comes in many materials, from suede and silk to even plastic and metal chain. there's also a huge variety of colours and sizes, but my person favourite is the silky loopy stringy beige fringe. and (surprise, surprise) i stumbled upon a cute and classic fringe dress on h&m's website. 

gimme gimme!

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