Thursday, November 13, 2008

like boys

today, h&m launches their comme des garçons collection in select stores. when i first heard about this, i was fairly excited and interested in what rei kawakubo would have to offer the middle class, but after taking a peek at the website, i wasn't very impressed. the asymmetric cuts, polka dot patterns and saggy pants don't do it for me. in my opinion, it looks cheap and thrown together. of course, there are many who will disagree with me on this, though. i'm just waiting for the day when h&m teams up with vivienne westwood (though i could imagine that looking cheap, too), or marc jacobs.

on another note, h&m is coming out with a new line called divided exclusive. i got a sneak peek at some pieces at flare, and they're surprisingly nice, considering their older divided line was juvenile and tacky.

1 comment:

  1. the comme de garcons line just looks like the old divided line cut up and randomly placed together.
    the polka dots are soo divided