Sunday, October 18, 2009

construct to deconstruct

if you didn't see the shredded tee first on style blogs like lookbook a few years back, then you surely noticed when the trend trickled up and designers like raquel allegra based her debut collection on it last spring.

raquel allegra s/s09

the shredded tee is to the torso as ripped jeans are to the legs, only more impractical. so, what's the appeal? i went to fiona green, assistant fashion editor of FLARE magazine for her expertise.

"people are always looking for the next spin on the ultimate classic wardrobe staple: the t-shirt," green says. "[this trend's] popularity has been amplified because people are able to achieve this look as a DIY."

thomas s/s10

the growing success of a toronto-born clothing line, thomas, is thanks to the shredding technique that co-founders drew and mikey thomas based their debut fall 2009 collection on. but with shirts starting at $120, how can one justify purchasing these delicate garments at such high price-points?

"people with money would rather pay for it than [shred the shirts] themselves," says drew thomas. "it's in fashion, while still holding a designer label."

it all comes down to one question: should we be investing in this trend?

"i wouldn't recommend investing now in a shredded tee with a high price-point. it's an easy DIY if you want to participate in this look," green says.

while it's important to invest your money in versatile wardrobe staples, it's still as important to have fun with the latest trends. so take a trip to chinatown, get in on the six-for-ten t-shirt deals strewn about the spadina sidewalks, and get shredding!

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