Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LG fashion week - day 1

so, i went from saying i wasn't going to toronto fashion week because i have zero time, to getting a pass and making time for it (ie: skipping classes).

yesterday i went to the david dixon, david dixon for barbie, and bustle shows.


my favorite elements from the david dixon show were the skirts with petal-like pleats, the bright canary yellow used and what i've named the "tinsel" dress. i was pleased to see tamara mcdonald and nicole s on the runway! between his two shows, volunteers came around and handed out beer and wine - great for the guests but not-so-great for the people who had to clean up the broken glass under the bleachers after.

each year, bustle has a theme for their show and this year, the theme was muskoka (or so i have come to call it). there was a forest projected on the backdrop, a barbecue set up and lounge chairs for the models to sit on. midway through the show, stacey mckenzie strolled down the runway with a trolley holding caesars of which she handed out to select people in the first and second rows (jeanne beker received one, of course). on top of that, rick mercer made a guest appearance as he walked the catwalk holding his "rick mercer report" microphone. notice that i haven't mentioned a thing about the clothes? yeah, that's because the models were more or less wearing american eagle shorts and american apparel hoodies. big yawn. i almost think that they recognized the banality of their collection and used stacey and rick as distractions...

jonathan and i as barbie and ken

michelle and kirby!

tonight i will be seeing pink tartan and joe fresh. stay tuned.

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