Sunday, October 25, 2009

LG fashion week - day 3

day three... definitely the best of the three days. we made it just in time to see evan biddell's spring 2010 collection (we had to stand near the media pit...) and we stayed for rudsak afterwards. being hungry, we skipped out on the nada show and went to java house for salad and beer. later we after partied with evan biddell at the drake followed by the usual thursday hotspot, brooklynn. it was a long night... i didn't make it to the tents the next day.


evan's show was definitely my favourite of the seven shows i saw this week. i loved the geometric space-age statement necklaces and the overall structure of each piece in the collection. i especially liked the one piece cut-out bathing suit.

rudsak was a bit banal for me. it featured leather safari/military jackets and lots of neutral colours. they played it safe and were definitely on point when it comes to hitting their target market. it was a smart, but not innovative or exciting collection.

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