Sunday, October 25, 2009

LG fashion week - day 2

day two of lg fashion week was even better than day one. i saw the pink tartan and joe fresh shows, which needless to say, were packed. we were backstage with the models between shows and had such a hard time finding seats for joe fresh when we came back out to the runway room...


i loved the bustier-style silk form-fitting dresses and the use of clean black and white stripes done in basic jersey knits as well as sequined pieces. leather garments in tan (think wang s/s10), beige and black made appearances as well. my favourite aspect about the collection was how shoulderpads were placed on top of the garment, rather than inside. this created an interesting focal point and added more structure to the pieces.

joe fresh started with a bang when model, theodora, had difficulties walking in her shoes (one fell off and then she preceded to kick the other off her foot). midway through the show, this happened again with another model. joe fresh showcased yellows, pinks and blues, ginham, underwear as outerwear and clogs (blah). my favourite part of the collection were the trench coats and the use of bodyshapers. to top it off, a price list was included on each seat, noting the looks and the [inexpensive] price-points of the garments.

ali and i backstage at joe fresh

joe fresh

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